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Study finds that seat belt use is crucial for children

New Jersey requires children over the age of 8 to be properly restrained whether they ride in the front or back of passenger vehicles. A recent study published in the "Journal of Pediatrics" suggests that the lives of hundreds of children could be saved each year if all states had similar laws. Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center studied fatal traffic accidents that occurred between 2010 and 2014, and they concluded that a 10 percent increase in seat belt use would save the lives of about 230 children under the age of 15 each year.

Millennials, other age groups report dangerous driving

New Jersey millennials might be more dangerous on the road than drivers in other age groups, but people of all ages admit to sometimes running red lights or texting while driving among other dangerous behaviors. According to a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in the late summer of 2016, almost 90 percent of millennials said that in the previous month they had engaged in dangerous behavior while behind the wheel.

Snapchat speed filter may pose dangers on the road

New Jersey residents may have used Snapchat filters or are aware of what they are. However, some believe that that the social media platform's speed filter may be encouraging reckless behavior behind the wheel. On Oct. 26, a video was posted in which a driver reached speeds of up to 115.6 miles per hour according to Snapchat. Nine minutes after the video was posted, the driver lost control of his car and collided with a minivan head-on.

Sleep-deprived driving remains a big problem

New Jersey was the first state to criminalize drowsy driving. But has it helped? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported that sleep-deprived drivers are responsible for 100,000 car accidents pet year. Those accidents injure over 70,000 people and kill approximately 1,500 people.

The Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

Pokemon GO players will do almost anything to catch a rare Pokemon, including getting in a car and driving in search of that Pikachu. While there's nothing wrong with playing as a passenger in a car, playing while driving is dangerous. If you want to avoid a crash and possible personal injury lawsuit, you need to put the game down while you are behind the wheel.

Worst Spike in Fatal Traffic Accidents in 30 Years

In 2015, over 35,000 people died in fatal traffic accidents. This represents a 7.2 percent increase from 2014's fatal traffic incident statistics, and the worst single-year increase since 1966. While roads throughout the nation have become safer, many variables increase the risk for drivers.

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