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Avoiding and protecting against dog attacks

With so many New Jersey residents owning dogs, many do not realize that dig attacks can be a serious hazard. Even the most docile dogs can potentially become vicious. Because thousands of adults and children suffer from dog attacks across the nation, everyone should know how to protect themselves against attacks or know how to avoid them altogether.

One dog trainer stated that a dog may attack for a number of reasons; they could be scared or nervous, they could be feeling territorial, or they could just be aggressive. One bite victim noted that she didn’t even know a dog was tied up nearby until she was bitten. It is highly recommended that people avoid dogs, even if they are not tied up. If a loose dog approaches the person, they should not scream, run or make eye contact as the dog may view that as a challenge and attack.

If a dog attacks, the trainer recommended offer a weak arm or leg. This way, the person can still attempt to fight the dog off. If the person goes down, they should curl up into a ball and do what they can to protect their face. The person should also scream for help, especially if they cannot get the dog off. If there is no one else around, the person can push their thumbs into the dog’s ears or eyes until they let go.

If a dog attacks a person, the dog’s owner may be held responsible for any dog bite injuries that the person may have suffered. If the dog’s owner refuses to compensate for the injuries, the injured person may file a personal injury lawsuit against the owner. An attorney may help seek compensation for other damages in addition to the cost of medical bills, including pain and suffering and lost income.

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