Like law-abiding motorists, New Jersey pedestrians who obey all the rules may encounter negligent drivers. Understanding the risks and not taking drivers for granted can save lives, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. With several hundred pedestrians injured each day in traffic-related accidents, defensive walking is worth considering.

As with diseases, the CDC presents risk factors by demographic incidence. Those at greatest risk of serious injuries include males, intoxicated pedestrians and people under the age of 29. Older victims were found to have increased risk of fatal accidents, and 25 percent of all deaths occurred in pedestrian accidents involving victims of 14 years and younger. The CDC states the reasons for this being lack of experience with the rules, distances and speeds involved on roadways and relatively small size of children.

The grim reality of statistics is countered by steps that parents and walkers can take to improve their chances of safety. Children, for instance, can be taught to walk on sidewalks where available and to walk on the shoulder facing traffic when there is no sidewalk. Parents can also consult special websites that provide more tips and chart friendly pedestrian routes. Since a leading issue in auto-pedestrian accidents is visibility, retro-reflective gear and flashlights also enhance safety.

Even the best planning can end with a trip to the emergency room due to a negligent driver. Those who have been victims of a crosswalk injury caused by a driver who was distracted and who failed to yield the right of way may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney to determine the best method to seek compensation for the damages that they have sustained.