Workplace accidents occur all too often in the state of New Jersey. There are multiple settings in which they could occur. Sometimes they are the result of engaging in the same activity repeatedly. Other times, they are the result of one specific incident. Regardless of how the workplace injury occurs, it is possible that workers’ compensation benefits may be sought.

Unfortunately these benefits are not always easy to obtain. An injured worker could find that a claim he or she filed to secure benefits, is denied. In other situations, the injured worker may not receive all of the money to which they are entitled. When these assessments are incorrect, the employee may seek legal assistance from a lawyer.

New Jersey Corrections Officers

The workers’ compensation system is complex. A demographic that could suffer financially-even if they get all they are entitled to under the law-is New Jersey corrections officers. One corrections officer, who was recently beaten by inmates for approximately half a minute, is currently facing this reality. He suffered serious injuries in the attack that resulted in him being unable to immediately return to work. During the period of time that he is out of work healing, he indicated he will likely receive 70 percent of what he usually brings home each month.

In addition to receiving only a portion of what he previously paid, the union the man belongs to indicated he will also have to pay his health insurance premium.

Pending Legislation

Some may deem that outcome unfair. A bill, that if passed could change this, was recently introduced. The New Jersey Senate and Assembly is considering providing corrections officers who are out of work as a result of an assault by prisoners, their full salary. In fact paying these benefits to corrections officers is not unheard of. A previous law, which was changed in 2011, did that very thing.

It is unclear how this legislation will ultimately be handled. While the issue in this particular case is not about the man securing benefits, it could prompt some people who may not have previously thought about it, to consider just how much is fair to receive if you are away from work healing after being hurt while doing your job.

Know and Protect Your Rights

Regardless of the circumstances under which a worker is injured or becomes ill at work, it is important that employees know they have certain rights. The lawyers at Smith Magram Michaud Colonna P.C., help people who find they are in this situation. To learn how they might be able to help you, or a loved one, please see our website.