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June 2016 Archives

Health and safety hazards faced by nurses in the workplace

From their first step taken into their place of employment until their final step out the door, hospital nurses in New Jersey and across the country may find themselves exposed to a wide array of challenging situations that could potentially be rife with health and safety hazards. However, such risks can be mitigated and perhaps even prevented when both health care professionals and medical facilities take steps to ensure that the workplace is safe.

Staying safe while working in dangerous weather in New Jersey

During the summer months, heat and lightning are hazards that employers with outdoor workers may need to be aware of. In fact, NOAA and OSHA have teamed up to offer relevant facts about lightning safety to employers. For instance, lightning can strike up to 10 miles away from any given storm. To remain safe, workers should stay inside for at least 30 minutes after hearing thunder.

It could become harder to hide real causes of car accidents

Many New Jersey drivers might try to hide the real cause of a car accident if they are at fault, but Tesla Motors has made this very difficult. The company is constantly connected to its vehicles over the Internet, so it records data on every action that the cars and drivers make. Other car makers are expected to follow this example in the near future, making it nearly impossible to hide the cause of a crash.

Who is liable for swimming pool accidents?

While backyard swimming pools are fun, they are also a leading cause of injuries. Owning a pool comes with considerable responsibility, too, as the owner can be held responsible for any deaths or injuries that take place in and around the pool, even if the victims were trespassers. In 2015 alone, 202 children drowned in swimming pools in the United States. If you or your child has been injured in a neighbor's swimming pool, then the owner may face liability for the harm you or your child suffered.

The rate of worker injuries at slaughterhouses

The meatpacking industry has made many strides toward worker safety over the last two decades. However, it is still very difficult to know the real number of injuries and illnesses suffered by workers in New Jersey and across the nation due to their jobs.

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