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July 2016 Archives

Commuting injuries and workers' compensation benefits

New Jersey employees who are injured in workplace accidents or become sick after being exposed to toxic substances at work are usually eligible to file workers' compensation claims. However, some injuries that may appear to be work-related would not qualify for benefits under the workers' compensation program. Employees driving to or from their places of work would not be in their cars if it were not for their jobs, but injuries incurred in commuting accidents do not generally qualify for workers' compensation benefits under what is known as the "going and coming rule".

Avoiding drowning deaths in New Jersey

Regardless of an individual's swimming ability, he or she may still be at risk for drowning. In many cases, an individual is inebriated at the time of drowning, and more adults than children drown each year. However, the fact remains that 20 percent of drowning victims each year are younger than 14.

Teach children how to stay safe around dogs

It's only natural for kids to love dogs, or at the very least be curious about them. In many cases, dogs will reciprocate, but if a dog is naturally aggressive or feels threatened it is possible that it could bite a child. As parents and caregivers, it is important to teach children how to interact with dogs appropriately in order to avoid a dog bite or limit the damage of a dog attack.

5-car rear-end collision kills woman, injures 2 others

According to media reports, a five-vehicle collision that happened in New Jersey on July 1 claimed the life of one woman and injured two others. The accident happened in west Caldwell at the intersection of Passaic and Fairfield Avenues around 8:30 a.m. when a line of cars was stopped at a red light.

Staying safe while welding

When a New Jersey worker engages in any type of fusion welding, it can result in visible fumes that can be hazardous to that worker's health. If a worker is exposed to these fumes for a short period of time, it could cause a nauseous feeling or irritation to the eyes or throat. However, long-term exposure to these fumes may lead to serious issues such as cancer or damage to the nervous system or internal organs.

Dashboard infotainment systems can be a distraction to drivers

More New Jersey drivers are replacing their hand-held devices with in-vehicle infotainment systems that allow them to do the tasks they would normally do using their smart phones. Unfortunately, these built-in dashboard features can be more distracting than helpful. If you plan to use your infotainment system, here's what you should know.

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