Construction work is a dangerous and demanding occupation, not only because of the hazards involved, but also because of soaring temperatures that can lead to a heat stroke or even death. Therefore, New Jersey construction companies should make safety education a priority.

New Jersey summers can be extremely hot and humid, and thus employers should make sure their employees are taking regular breaks to keep well hydrated. In addition to providing fresh, cold water at the construction work site, it can also be beneficial to offer shifts around the times of the day when the temperatures are the hottest, such as early morning. They might even consider allowing employees to take on overnight shifts, as long as they provide plenty of lighting.

Other ways construction companies can reduce work-related injuries is to empower their workers to take charge of safety at the work site. This is done when the company emphasizes safety as its core value and provides clear information about how to do a job in the safest way possible. Safety is promoted when employees are kept informed about issues that affect them, as well. Employers who clearly explain what is expected from each worker and who include them in company reviews and plans are encouraging workers to make workplace safety a key issue. Employers can also work to make sure each employee knows about the values the company holds, and that he or she fully understands how the company’s objectives match corporate goals.

While workplace safety should be a key issue of every employer, the truth is that accidents can still happen. Employees who suffer an on-the-job injury can exercise their right to file a workers’ compensation claim, and they may want to have the assistance of an attorney throughout the process.