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October 2016 Archives

Getting hurt in a friend's home

When New Jersey residents visit friends and relatives, getting injured is usually the last thing they like to think about. However, accidents can happen and sometimes the consequences can be severe. In fact, hazards can be present even if there doesn't appear to be a dangerous property condition, though accidents might be more likely in such circumstances.

Fall is a dangerous season for pedestrians

As the seasons change, you will see a lot of information regarding tasks you need to do to transition to winter. Houses need winterization and holiday preparation is quickly approaching. However, many people do not realize that the fall has become the most dangerous season for pedestrians. As we head into cooler months, there are more people walking outside; kids are going to school, commuters are taking advantage of the crisp cool weather and people are getting their exercise outside while they still can before winter sets in. More people out walking and shorter daylight hours have led to an increase in seasonal accidents, accidents that can be prevented.

Common construction industry safety violations

New Jersey construction workers are employed in a dangerous field. In 2014, one in five U.S. workplace deaths were in the construction industry. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that companies follow certain safety protocols, but failure to follow these rules is common. According to OSHA, the most common safety violations don't change much from year to year.

Employers facing higher workers' compensation costs

The workers' compensation costs borne by employers in New Jersey and around the country are increasing even while the amount paid in benefits continues to fall, according to a report released by the National Academy of Social Insurance. The nonprofit organization says that workers' compensation benefits for each $100 of payroll fell from 97 cents in 2013 to 91 cents in 2014. According to NASI, benefits as a percentage of payroll have been falling for more than 25 years and have now reached levels not seen since 1980.

The Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

Pokemon GO players will do almost anything to catch a rare Pokemon, including getting in a car and driving in search of that Pikachu. While there's nothing wrong with playing as a passenger in a car, playing while driving is dangerous. If you want to avoid a crash and possible personal injury lawsuit, you need to put the game down while you are behind the wheel.

Why nurses have dangerous jobs

New Jersey residents may be surprised to learn that nurses are often injured while at work. The human body becomes less able to cope with trauma as it ages, and more than half of the nurses in America are 50 or older. Nurses often suffer back and shoulder injuries caused by the physical nature of their work as well. According to a report published on Sept. 13 by Aon Global Risk Consulting, less than four out of 10 health care facilities have policies in place that transition older nurses to less strenuous duties.

Worst Spike in Fatal Traffic Accidents in 30 Years

In 2015, over 35,000 people died in fatal traffic accidents. This represents a 7.2 percent increase from 2014's fatal traffic incident statistics, and the worst single-year increase since 1966. While roads throughout the nation have become safer, many variables increase the risk for drivers.

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