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December 2016 Archives

Addressing risk of older workers being injured on the job

The aging national workforce has already called on some companies to address safety concerns, and New Jersey employers may soon be following suit. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has predicted that workers over the age of 55 will make up almost a quarter of U.S. employees by 2024. In 2010, that age group only made up 19 percent of the workforce. While older workers may have more experience, they also have a higher risk of being a work accident victim.

Snapchat speed filter may pose dangers on the road

New Jersey residents may have used Snapchat filters or are aware of what they are. However, some believe that that the social media platform's speed filter may be encouraging reckless behavior behind the wheel. On Oct. 26, a video was posted in which a driver reached speeds of up to 115.6 miles per hour according to Snapchat. Nine minutes after the video was posted, the driver lost control of his car and collided with a minivan head-on.

Sleep-deprived driving remains a big problem

New Jersey was the first state to criminalize drowsy driving. But has it helped? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently reported that sleep-deprived drivers are responsible for 100,000 car accidents pet year. Those accidents injure over 70,000 people and kill approximately 1,500 people.

Weather safety for outside workers

New Jersey residents whose jobs require them to work outside should always take extra precautions whenever there is dangerous weather. They should also be aware of their employers' responsibility regarding addressing hazards that could possibly injure or kill them. Two examples show the dangers of an employer's disregard of potentially dangerous situations and the effect it can have on employees.

Preventing injuries from hot work

Many people in New Jersey perform work that is classified as hot work by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Hot work is work that involves burning, welding, grinding and soldering. These kinds of jobs expose workers to risks of injury from contact with hot metals, sparks or fire. There is also a risk of explosion if gas and other flammable materials are being used in the hot work.

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