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January 2017 Archives

Construction workers at risk for musculoskeletal injuries

New Jersey construction workers are still at risk for suffering musculoskeletal injuries despite significant improvements that have been made over the last two decades. According to a study, these injuries are often caused by excessive exposure to bending, twisting and awkward body postures.

Final OSHA rule for beryllium

New Jersey workers who may sometimes be exposed to dangerous materials while performing their tasks may be interested to hear about a final rule issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration regarding lower exposure limits for beryllium. The new standards apply to the shipyard, general and construction industries.

Preventing suspension trauma after an arrested fall

Workers in New Jersey who work at height may be interested in information about suspension trauma. Full-body harnesses can prevent falls, but they can also lead to suspension trauma, which can cause dizziness, loss of consciousness and, in rare cases, death.

5 common, avoidable reasons for slip and fall accidents

Every year, about 8 million Americans end up in the emergency room after a fall. That's just over 21 percent of all emergency room visits. About 1 million visits come after a slip and fall accident.

New app under development to identify workplace injury risks

Some New Jersey workers in the manufacturing industry suffer workplace injuries that are caused by repetitive motions. Some repetitive motions can cause stress to the muscles, bones and joints, leading to permanent damage. Due to the frequency of such injuries, researchers are working to develop new technologies that might help engineers identify problematic conditions and make alterations to lessen the risk of repetitive motion injuries.