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February 2017 Archives

Safety for workers in warehouses

New Jersey workers might wonder how safe a warehouse job site may be. There are a number of precautions employers should take to keep their warehouse workers safe. One of those precautions is ensuring that all onsite employees and contractors are given a site induction. Every site induction will have safety aspects specific to the site and industry as well as a review of fire exits and the location of the fire assembly point.

Millennials, other age groups report dangerous driving

New Jersey millennials might be more dangerous on the road than drivers in other age groups, but people of all ages admit to sometimes running red lights or texting while driving among other dangerous behaviors. According to a survey conducted by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety in the late summer of 2016, almost 90 percent of millennials said that in the previous month they had engaged in dangerous behavior while behind the wheel.

How to improve scissor lift safety at the workplace

While scissor lifts help make the job easier at a New Jersey workplace, they can also spell danger if they are used incorrectly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated several cases of preventable accidents involving scissor lifts that caused serious injuries, some of which proved fatal. The agency reported that the deaths and injuries were largely due to a lack of employee training on scissor lift safety.

Workers' compensation policies may change

Post-election policy watchers expect workers' compensation and related policy changes in the near future. Workers' compensation coverage is required of most New Jersey companies. In the event of an occupational disease or a workplace injury accident, eligible employees are entitled to file a claim for benefits that could include the payment of medical expenses as well as partial wage replacement.

Follow these tips to say safe on your new motorcycle

You are finally in a position to buy your first motorcycle. You have been looking forward to this moment since you were a teenager. Finally, you will get to enjoy the freedom of the open road and extremely low gas mileage. While there are great benefits to riding a motorcycle, there are also many dangers. Motorcycle riders have a 30 percent higher risk of dying in a car crash versus people in a car.

Night shift work may be dangerous to health

New Jersey employees who work different shifts may be interested in the results of a peer review of studies on the effects of shift work on health. The review, which was published in a peer-reviewed journal, studied shift work and its effects on sleep, chronic health conditions and workplace accidents.

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