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May 2017 Archives

Study finds that seat belt use is crucial for children

New Jersey requires children over the age of 8 to be properly restrained whether they ride in the front or back of passenger vehicles. A recent study published in the "Journal of Pediatrics" suggests that the lives of hundreds of children could be saved each year if all states had similar laws. Researchers from Harvard University and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center studied fatal traffic accidents that occurred between 2010 and 2014, and they concluded that a 10 percent increase in seat belt use would save the lives of about 230 children under the age of 15 each year.

The link between economics and workplace injuries

New Jersey workers might be safer when their employers are under less earning pressure according to a study that appeared in the Journal of Accounting and Economics. The study examined the relationship between pressure on managers to reach earnings expectations and safety in the workplace using injury data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration for the years 2002 to 2011. This injury data was then compared to earnings data.

Report highlights poultry processing injury rates

New Jersey residents may not know that workers in the poultry processing sector are more likely to suffer severe work-related injuries than workers at saw mills, automobile manufacturing plants and steel mills. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration considers an injury serious when an amputation, the loss of an eye or hospitalization are involved, and poultry processing workers suffer a disproportionately high number of them.

What to know about robot injuries

Robots serve several different functions for those who live or work in New Jersey. For instance, they may be used to chop vegetables, help with animal grooming or even provide assistance building other robots. In some cases, robots are used by hospitals to distribute medicine or provide general supervision to elderly patients in nursing homes. However, there are instances in which robots are responsible for injuring or killing people.

Following a fatal pedestrian crash, police efforts are crucial

If your loved one was killed by a motorist while he or she was out walking, you would no doubt be in a state of extreme shock and emotional turmoil. Dealing with an unexpected death of a loved one is probably the hardest thing that anyone will ever have to do. On top of that, so many questions will remain after the pedestrian crash, as to who was at fault and how the incident took place.

Lead still a serious danger to workers

Although the health risks associated with lead have been well-known and documented, New Jersey workers in certain occupations are still at a high risk for lead exposure. They should be aware of the unique health hazards posed by lead and how to prevent and deal with the issue.

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