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June 2017 Archives

Journalist group warns about Los Alamos safety issues

Many New Jersey residents know the role that the Los Alamos National Laboratory had in the development of nuclear weapons, and they may be surprised to learn that the Department of Energy facility has been accused of handling radioactive waste and plutonium carelessly. According to the Center for Public Integrity, little has been done since worries over safety prompted officials to suspend work at the laboratory in 2013.

Ankle injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents

One of the many possible results of a slip-and-fall accident is an ankle injury. These injuries, which may vary in degree of severity, can cause mobility issues and significant pain. A New Jersey resident dealing with ankle injuries caused by the negligence of another party may have a basis for a personal injury lawsuit.

Amusement park accidents and liability

Manufacturers of equipment used in amusement parks in New Jersey and throughout the country carry insurance policies to protect them in case someone is injured on a ride. While these types of accidents are not common, they can be costly for the park and manufacturer and serious for the injured person.

Proving a slip-and-fall accident case isn't always easy

The modern world is full of hard surfaces, cement sidewalks, hard-tiled grocery store floors, metal and concrete staircases and more. When these surfaces get slippery, or when they're littered with something that could trip us, accidents are bound to happen.

Wrongful death: When a drunk driver injures or kills a family member

Imagine a drunk driver hits and kills your husband who was riding his motorcycle. You will be devastated to lose your beloved so suddenly, but the knowledge that the loss could have been avoided will be the worst pain of all.

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