With the increasing number of traffic deaths in New Jersey and across America, some experts believe that more measures must be taken to prevent distracted driving. Consumer Reports has shown that smartphones provide the most distractions since drivers can use them to text, send emails, search the internet, play music and watch videos. A Consumer Reports survey revealed that 52 percent of drivers admitted to engaging in these activities while behind the wheel.

Apple has incorporated a mode in its latest operating systems that allows drivers to block alerts for incoming calls and texts. iPhones and Android devices both have settings that enable users to set up automatic replies to calls and texts that come in while they are driving. Consumer Reports recommends that to be safe, drivers should simply keep their phones out of sight or pair them with Bluetooth devices.

The important thing is for drivers to avoid looking away from the road. Adjusting the temperature and playing with the vehicle’s infotainment system can also increase the risk of an accident occurring. Many states have a texting ban in place for drivers, and such laws must also be followed.

Distracted drivers also have the benefit of new technology to keep them safe. Automakers are beginning to incorporate lane departure and collision warning systems as well as automatic emergency braking systems into their vehicles.

Not all car accidents can be prevented through these means, however. If someone is injured or killed by a distracted driver, the victim or his or her family should consult with an attorney about filing an injury claim or wrongful death suit. During the assessment, the lawyer can determine if there was any contributory negligence, which could throw out a wrongful death suit entirely. The attorney can then have the accident investigated and proceed to negotiations or trial.