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May 2018 Archives

Tesla CEO finds fault not with accidents but news coverage

Due to the recent wave of accidents involving semi-autonomous vehicles, some New Jersey residents may believe that the technology that Tesla specializes in is far from safe. One recent accident in Utah involved a Tesla Model S that was engaged in Autopilot. However, the driver collided with a fire truck because she was looking down at her phone.

New wearable tech and its safety benefits for workers

From slip, trip and fall hazards to exposure to harmful chemicals, there are a variety of safety risks that workplaces in New Jersey are vulnerable to. Safety-minded employers and managers can consider what one insurtech startup in Iowa has developed as a way to reduce these risks and prevent accidents.

Construction falls key source of workplace injuries

New Jersey construction workers deal with some of the most dangerous jobs available, especially when working at heights. In statistics released by Nationwide Insurance, the company noted that it has processed over 10,000 workers compensation claims related to construction accidents in the last five years. Of these claims, falls from elevated surfaces were one of the most frequent and expensive sources of workplace injuries.

Methods for creating a safer workplace

Safety is something that employers in New Jersey can be tempted to put aside in the midst of a fast-paced work environment. Even many workers do so in their effort to meet deadlines, while those who are concerned may be prevented from speaking out for fear of punishment. The results are uniformly negative: higher injury rates, a decline in productivity, mounting medical costs and a decrease in employee retention and employee morale. Employers end up tarnishing the name of their company.

Latinos, older workers face higher workplace mortality rate

The fact that workers are injured and killed at work every day is nothing new. However, a recent report suggests a worrisome trend regarding workplace fatalities. The report indicates that certain workers and certain industries are more prone to fatal accidents in New Jersey and across the country.