When a car accident occurs in New Jersey, the parties involved should take certain actions to help protect their rights. First, it’s always important to stop after the accident takes place, even if it seems like there is no damage. Failure to stop after a crash could lead to criminal penalties in some cases.

Once the vehicles have all come to a safe stop, it should be determined if anyone needs medical care. Urgent medical treatment is the first priority after a crash, especially if someone is seriously injured. After medical issues are addressed, the people involved can assess the damage and call the police. If possible, it’s better to leave the cars in the same place until the police come. Authorities will then be able to document the details of the crash.

While waiting for the police to arrive, it is often better to refrain from excessive discussion of the crash with the other party. Even drivers who were clearly at fault for the accident may attempt to represent something the other party said as an admission of fault. At the same time, there is critical information to be gathered at the scene of the car accident, including the names, addresses and phone numbers of all parties. It is also important to share car insurance information and the details of the vehicles involved, such as the license plate, make and model and VIN.

After a car accident, one can then deal with their own insurance company as well as the other party’s insurer. In many cases, however, waiting for insurance to process the claim is insufficient. A personal injury lawyer can help someone injured in a crash pursue compensation for the harms they have suffered.