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August 2018 Archives

5 reasons usually-friendly dogs lash out

It was a day like most others when you met up with your friend and their pets. The dogs were enjoying themselves, playing on their own. Suddenly they approached you as a group. One seemed a little aggressive, jumping up. Normally, that wouldn't amount to much, but since you were caught off-guard, it resulted in you falling over.

Taking action after being injured on a roller coaster

Visiting an amusement park in the state of New Jersey can be a lot of fun. While rides can seem scary and adrenaline boosting, they are designed to be completely safe, and amusement parks must have certain safety procedures in place to prevent any type of injury on the premises.

OSHA recommendations for pinch point protection

Employers and employees in New Jersey who work around machinery should know about OSHA standards regarding pinch point protection. Pinch points are the areas in machinery where workers or parts of their body are liable to get caught, and pinch point injuries often result in the amputation of fingers, hands, feet and entire limbs. Any machine with gears, pulleys, rollers or belt drives will have pinch points.

Safety recommendations for tree care workers

Landscape workers in New Jersey and elsewhere have some of the most dangerous jobs in America. According to data from the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries, landscapers make up less than 1 percent of the U.S. labor force, but they account for 3.5 percent of all work-related deaths. Of those deaths, 75 percent occur during tree removal or tree trimming.

How New Jersey drivers can avoid accidents

Auto accidents can happen at any time, but being a safe, defensive driver can reduce the risk of crashing. The following are a few tips on how to avoid accidents. It starts with having a properly maintained vehicle that can handle tight turns as well as brake and accelerate quickly in emergency situations. Tires and brakes are perhaps the most crucial parts.

Five safety tips for machine workers

Many workers in New Jersey get hurt on the job because of poorly maintained or unguarded machinery. Sometimes, insufficient training is to blame. Since even smaller machines can lead to serious injuries, employers will want to take the following five safety tips into account.