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September 2018 Archives

Taking steps to improve workplace safety

Past records of workplace accidents and injuries could help to avoid future incidents that hurt workers in New Jersey. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration refers to these events as "incidents" rather than "accidents" for several reasons; one of those reasons is the perspective that workplace accidents that injure or kill workers are rarely truly unforeseen or unexpected. While there may be some truly unpredictable accidents caused by factors outside of the workplace, most on-the-job injuries have causes that are preventable.

What to do in a hydroplaning incident

When the rainy season comes to New Jersey, drivers will want to be more careful on the road. When there's too much rain for a vehicle's tires to handle, the pressure in the front of the tire will push that water underneath and create a thin band of water between the tires and the road. The thicker it becomes, the more the tires float above the road and lose their traction.

Reality-based drivers' ed may improve teens' risk awareness

A Baylor University study has analyzed the effects of a supplemental drivers' education program on teens' risk awareness and driving behavior. The results should be of interest to parents in New Jersey whose teens are engaging in risky behavior behind the wheel. The program analyzed is called the Texas Reality Education for Drivers program, and 21 teen participants formed the study group.

Workplace fatalities on the rise in New Jersey

Workers in New Jersey may face serious dangers on the job in a range of occupations. In 2016, 101 people across the state were killed as a result of workplace accidents and injuries, marking an upward turn from 2015, when 97 workers lost their lives on the job. New Jersey sits in the middle of the pack when it comes to workplace fatalities, ranking 17th in the nation. Experts noted that as the economy grows, worker fatalities may become more common.