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November 2018 Archives

Common kitchen worker injuries: Stay safe in the food industry

Working in a kitchen can be a lucrative job opportunity for many Americans, but with these opportunities come very real risk. Dangers abound in the average kitchen -- which is why restaurant owners and their employees have to take great care to educate themselves on kitchen safety and use appropriate safety equipment at their workplaces.

Why are rural roads more dangerous for motorists?

You're more likely to die if you drive on rural roads compared to city roads. This fact seems to go against rational thinking, but the truth is in the statistics. Let's try to think this through a little bit to determine exactly why rural roads are more dangerous to vehicle drivers.

Keeping workers safe when using robots

When used properly, robots can make it easier and safer for New Jersey workers to complete tasks. However, the use of robots can also introduce safety hazards. This may be especially true when it comes time to clean, inspect or repair the machines themselves. The risk for workplace injuries related to the use of robots exists for workers in most sectors including retail. In some countries, robots are used to serve customers.

Winter weather poses different challenges on the job site

Safety on the job site is in everyone's best interests. Each worker should take whatever steps are necessary to be shielded from harm and act in a manner that respects the rights of co-workers, but the New Jersey employers who exert greater control over the work environment. Being proactive, staying on top of ever-changing situations and anticipating what is likely to occur are the best ways to avoid accidents and keep worker's compensation insurance rates down.

How to stay safe when driving in direct sunlight

Driving in direct sunlight can increase the risk for a fatal auto accident by 16 percent. The rays can create visual illusions, hurt drivers' eyes and even slow their reaction times. This is why drivers in New Jersey who go out in the early mornings or late afternoons need to know how they can keep themselves safe.