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January 2019 Archives

An argument for following the rules of the road: It saves lives

One of the biggest tragedies in modern society relates to one of its greatest benefits: automobiles. They zip and zoom us through the city -- getting us from one side of Burlington to the other, or from one side of the country to the other. It's a miracle that your tiny vehicle that you use to drive to and from work every morning, can also transport you to California in just a few days. But it can also kill you, and that's the sad part.

Dog and cat bites lead the incidence of animal bites worldwide

Animal bites are the cause of a significant number of injuries in New Jersey every year. While some countries have high numbers of bites caused by animals like snakes and monkeys, in the United States, most bites come from dogs and cats. An animal bite can cause serious injury, and there is always a risk of rabies from a bite by a mammal.

Ride-sharing drivers can be sleep-deprived, says AASM

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine brought attention to a widespread issue in the ride-sharing industry back in April 2018, and its position statement on the matter should be of interest to New Jersey road users. Many ride-sharing drivers, compelled by salary incentives and low fares, are overworking themselves to the point that they become drowsy behind the wheel.

Icy parking lots can lead to customer falls

The winter months in New Jersey can be particularly icy and hazardous. The extreme weather cannot be prevented, however, premises owners in the state have the legal responsibility to maintain safety for visitors at all times.

Oil workers face many risks during good times

New Jersey residents who work in drilling face a variety of risks while on the job. In 2014, those in the drilling sector had a fatality rate five times higher than all other industries combined. From 2008 to 2017, there were 1,566 deaths in the drilling industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. When times are good, companies may face pressure to maximize production, which could lead to less of a focus on worker safety.