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February 2019 Archives

Tips for avoiding drunk drivers

There are many steps people in New Jersey can take to protect themselves and other individuals from drunk drivers. These include recognizing drunk drivers, reporting them, driving defensively and avoiding times and places when people are more likely to be driving drunk.

These property conditions might cause an accident

With the winter weather in New Jersey still in full swing, the instances of accidents and injuries are going strong. Between icy sidewalks and general poor maintenance of public and private property, there are plenty of dangers for pedestrians. In many situations, the owner is at fault for the poor property conditions that caused a person to slip and fall.

4 travel tips for a safe drive

With the summer starting to register on people's radars now that the darkest days of winter have receded, New Jersey folks often can't wait for the snow to melt and to hang up our winter coats for the season. It's time to start talking about road trips and what you can do to stay safe.

Documenting a car accident on the scene

Accident victims in New Jersey may be upset or seriously injured after a car crash, and it can be difficult to consider all of the things to look out for immediately after a wreck. However, keeping some tips in mind can help to establish a record that can help people when they go to their insurance company. It can be important to document both property damage and injuries at the scene and after a car accident in order to protect accident victims later on.

Reasons for car accidents

There are a number of different reasons car accidents can occur in New Jersey. The police and the insurance claims adjusters have to identify the cause or causes of the crashes for various reasons. Law enforcement needs the information to determine who has to be given a ticket. The insurance company requires the information to identify the at-fault party, to whom the claims payment should be issued and the amount of the payment.

Techniques that could reduce truck driver shoulder injuries

Truck drivers in New Jersey sometimes experience serious shoulder injuries if part of their duties involve the cranking of landing gears. Not all trucking-related injuries are entirely preventable, especially ones involving someone else's negligence or unsafe road or working conditions. However, a new study found that adjustments to certain techniques involved with the raising or lowering of trailers could help prevent shoulder injuries that sometimes keep drivers off the road and away from a regular paycheck.

Preventing cold stress while working outside

People who work outside during the winter without the proper protection are at risk of getting cold stress. When the human body is unable to maintain the right temperatures, a variety of health problems can occur. These can include frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, numbness and shivering. A variety of factors contribute to the risk of getting these conditions other than temperatures, including humidity, wind speed and contact with certain surfaces.