To stay safe on New Jersey roads, drivers should be aware of several important tips that can go a long way toward preventing car accidents. Vehicular collisions are the leading cause of death among Americans between the ages of 2 and 34. However, these accidents are often preventable.

Adhering to traffic laws is one of the best ways to keep the roads safe. Negligent driving, or human error, is behind most car accidents. Examples include speeding, failing to consider road conditions such as freezing rain, neglecting stop signs and failing to yield.

Another major cause of car accidents is driving under the influence. According to a CDC study in 2013, 31% of fatal accidents were linked to driving while impaired. That’s why anyone who plans on drinking should first arrange for a designated driver or some kind of cab/ride-sharing service. It’s important to note that extreme exhaustion can often be just as bad as intoxication. Being alert can make a huge difference when an unexpected road hazard such as a deer or pothole appears.

Making sure a vehicle is visible is another way to prevent an accident. For example, when it is dark out, rainy or foggy, the headlights should be on at all times. The lights should also be regularly checked to ensure that they are in good working condition.

The victim of a car crash may want to retain a personal injury attorney. Legal counsel could help the injured party obtain compensation for medical bills, lost time at work and other damages. An attorney might also be able to prove that the client was not at fault for the accident.