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October 2019 Archives

What rights do you have as a victim of a New Jersey dog attack?

Owning a dog, much like raising a child, involves assuming substantial responsibility. Although you can't really predict what an animal may do despite how well you train it, you as the owner are typically responsible for what that dog does, at least in the state of New Jersey.

Petroleum refiner fined after worker dies in confined space

Employers in New Jersey should be familiar with OSHA standards when it comes to having employees work in a confined space. OSHA requires that all hazards be properly evaluated, and it lays down certain safety standards that must be followed while the worker is in that space. The following illustrates what can happen when employers fail to uphold these standards.

How incident reporting is essential to workplace safety

Many workers in New Jersey, especially office workers, manual laborers and those in the manufacturing industry, are putting themselves and others at risk for on-the-job injuries by not reporting all incidents. Incident reports are legal documents that can indirectly tell employers where they need to improve their organization's safety. They provide valuable real-life data to go by, especially when they are backed by eyewitness testimony.

How overall employment conditions affect employee health

Researchers at the University of Washington have shown in a new study that workers' health depends on overall employment conditions rather than on one or two factors. Workers in New Jersey should know that these conditions cover pay, the nature of the work, shift length, schedule flexibility and job security.