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Dog aggression must be carefully managed by the dog's owner

Dog attacks are caused by a variety of factors. One thing that can make a dog dangerous is if the dog has any aggression. Anyone who owns a dog must pay close attention to the dog's behavior, especially if the dog has shown any signs of hostility.

7 Ways to prevent a car crash

An auto collision can change the trajectory of your life in a heartbeat. If you suffer a catastrophic or disabling injury in such an incident, you might never be able to work or participate in life in the same way again.

What to expect when approved for workers' compensation benefits

You went to work at a New Jersey construction site just like any other day, but you certainly didn't go home the same way. You fell about three stories to the ground from a scaffold, and you were lucky to survive. You broke your leg, got a head injury and now you're recovering at home. The doctor says you won't be able to work for at least two months.

3 common slip-and-fall accident scenarios

If you're walking to work, shopping or visiting a neighbor's house, you could fall prey to a tragic slip-and-fall event. If the owner of the property failed to make the property reasonably safe for visitors, you might have a viable claim to pursue financial damages in court.

Motorcycle accident avoidance: Prevent left-turn crashes

The most common motorcycle accident happens like this: You're riding down the road on your bike and you have the right of way. However, a vehicle heading in the opposite direction doesn't see you. It makes a left turn across traffic and drives directly into your path.

Recent amusement park accident highlights dangers

Have you ever ridden a roller coaster ride and felt like the seat wasn't properly made, there was a problem with the seatbelt or a part may be malfunctioning? Many people have experienced this kind of situation. In most cases, riders escape unharmed, but this doesn't mean accidents don't happen.

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