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How to stay safe when driving in direct sunlight

Driving in direct sunlight can increase the risk for a fatal auto accident by 16 percent. The rays can create visual illusions, hurt drivers' eyes and even slow their reaction times. This is why drivers in New Jersey who go out in the early mornings or late afternoons need to know how they can keep themselves safe.

Teens driving teens linked to higher crash fatalities

Teen drivers in New Jersey may pose a greater risk to themselves and also to others on the road - especially if they drive when accompanied only by other teens. These were the findings of new research by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, released in October 2018 for National Teen Driver Safety Week. The study found that when teen drivers were accompanied by teen passengers, the fatality rate for all people involved in a collision escalated by 51 percent.

Most drivers overestimate the abilities of car safety systems

According to a new study, most drivers in New Jersey and across the U.S. are over-dependent on their vehicle's collision avoidance systems. The study was conducted by researchers at the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety.

What to do in a hydroplaning incident

When the rainy season comes to New Jersey, drivers will want to be more careful on the road. When there's too much rain for a vehicle's tires to handle, the pressure in the front of the tire will push that water underneath and create a thin band of water between the tires and the road. The thicker it becomes, the more the tires float above the road and lose their traction.

Reality-based drivers' ed may improve teens' risk awareness

A Baylor University study has analyzed the effects of a supplemental drivers' education program on teens' risk awareness and driving behavior. The results should be of interest to parents in New Jersey whose teens are engaging in risky behavior behind the wheel. The program analyzed is called the Texas Reality Education for Drivers program, and 21 teen participants formed the study group.

How New Jersey drivers can avoid accidents

Auto accidents can happen at any time, but being a safe, defensive driver can reduce the risk of crashing. The following are a few tips on how to avoid accidents. It starts with having a properly maintained vehicle that can handle tight turns as well as brake and accelerate quickly in emergency situations. Tires and brakes are perhaps the most crucial parts.

Insurance study reveals small car safety issues

A New Jersey motorist who wants more protection in an automobile accident should consider buying a larger vehicle, according to a recent report from the Highway Loss Data Institute. The nonprofit organization gathers information about car accidents and road safety for the insurance industry. Its analysis of vehicles sold in the United States between 2014 and 2016 suggests that the likelihood of suffering a serious injury is reduced as vehicle size increases.

How distractions are leading to more pedestrian deaths

Whether their preferred mode of transportation is driving or walking, New Jersey residents should know that there are dangers to both. Since 2009, traffic fatalities have risen 11 percent, but pedestrian fatalities have risen a startling 46 percent. Experts know that vehicles themselves are not to blame for the increase because many automakers have made design changes to reduce the severity of crashes between vehicles and pedestrians.

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