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Slip & Fall Accidents Archives

5 common, avoidable reasons for slip and fall accidents

Every year, about 8 million Americans end up in the emergency room after a fall. That's just over 21 percent of all emergency room visits. About 1 million visits come after a slip and fall accident.

Runaway saw slices leg of woman on sidewalk

There are all kinds of hazards that people might encounter while walking down the street. Sidewalks with uneven or poorly set pavement could lead to a trip-and-fall accident, for example, while cars that are out of control and jump the curb could be an unexpected danger as well.

Vacating of easement raises multiple questions for neighborhood

The definition of private property as compared to public property can be more fluid than people realize. One term of law that people in New Jersey might have only a faint understanding of is easements. An easement is a piece of property that is used by others who do not own it, usually to travel from one place to another.

Baseball season begins with fan's accident in guard rail fall

New Jersey residents might not like the Mets or the Toronto Blue Jays, but what recently happened to a fan at a baseball game between those teams impacts sports fans everywhere. Why? Because sports fans pay money to watch a game and have a good time. They should be reasonably safe while on the premises of a sports arena.