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Workers' Compensation Archives

OSHA raises awareness of hazards facing electrical workers

Electricians, engineers and anyone else in New Jersey who performs electrical operations should be aware of the hazards of the industry. OSHA is endeavoring to raise awareness of these hazards, particularly in Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska.

Keeping workers safe from the heat in five steps

Employers in New Jersey who want to help keep their workers safe from the summer heat should consider the following five tips. The heat from the sun, as well as the heat generated by machines and by the wearing of personal protective equipment, can all lead to heat-related illnesses. Every year, more than 1,300 workers die from excessive heat.

Improving parking lot safety in four steps

Business owners in New Jersey are responsible for the safety of all lawful entrants, including employees and clients. This responsibility extends to the parking lot. Owners should know that every year, there are more than 50,000 car accidents in parking lots (according to the National Safety Council). The first thing that owners should do, then, is focus on establishing clear traffic flow.

Machine guarding in plants and OSHA regulations

Plant workers in New Jersey may be protected from hazardous machinery by a number of different types of guards. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires such equipment as portable power tools, shears, power presses and milling machines to have guards. Among the types of guards that protect workers are two-handed tripping devices and barrier guards.

AFL-CIO raises awareness of workplace illness, death rates

Workers in New Jersey and across the U.S. are dying and being injured at alarming rates. The AFL-CIO published its annual report on workplace fatalities, entitled "Death on the Job: The Toll of Neglect," during this year's Workers' Memorial Week, which took place from April 22 to 29. The report states that there were 5,147 such fatalities in 2017. While this is an improvement from the 5,190 who died in 2016, it is still higher than 2015's death toll of 4,836.

Employees need to protect their eyesight at Work

In many New Jersey workplaces, "begin with safe eyes, finish with safe eyes" is a well-known phrase regarding eye safety. When a person loses their eyesight, life changes dramatically. Therefore, people should do everything possible to ensure that their eyes are completely safe in the workplace. Every day, more than 2,000 American employees incur eye injuries at work.

Farm machine vibrations linked with worker back pain

New Jersey residents should know that operating farm machinery comes with health risks. A NIOSH-funded study conducted by researchers at the University of Iowa measured the vibration levels of 112 pieces of farm machinery as they were being operated by 55 workers. These machines included combines, tractors, forklifts, skid loaders and ATVs. Floor and seat sensors measured vibrations. The latter monitored how well the seats absorbed the vibrations.

Info requested regarding powered industrial trucks

Some New Jersey workers may be interested in the Request for Information that was issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on March 11. The RFI was issued to obtain information and comments from stakeholders about using powered industrial trucks in the construction, general and maritime industry classifications. The agency may revise its existing standards for the use of powered industrial trucks, and the information received from the stakeholders will be used by the agency to determine what actions will be necessary to revise the standards.

Techniques that could reduce truck driver shoulder injuries

Truck drivers in New Jersey sometimes experience serious shoulder injuries if part of their duties involve the cranking of landing gears. Not all trucking-related injuries are entirely preventable, especially ones involving someone else's negligence or unsafe road or working conditions. However, a new study found that adjustments to certain techniques involved with the raising or lowering of trailers could help prevent shoulder injuries that sometimes keep drivers off the road and away from a regular paycheck.

Preventing cold stress while working outside

People who work outside during the winter without the proper protection are at risk of getting cold stress. When the human body is unable to maintain the right temperatures, a variety of health problems can occur. These can include frostbite, hypothermia, dehydration, numbness and shivering. A variety of factors contribute to the risk of getting these conditions other than temperatures, including humidity, wind speed and contact with certain surfaces.

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