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Posts tagged "bus driver"

Lawsuit to follow fatal airport parking lot accident

Around 4 a.m. in November 2012, a 61-year-old man was in a parking lot at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey. At the same time, a driver for Academy Bus Lines was preparing for his day of transporting passengers between various parking lots and airport terminals. On his way through one parking lot, the bus driver reportedly struck and ran over the victim.

Truck driver arrested in connection with fatal March accident

Anyone who has driven on New Jersey's highways and roads know how dangerous it can be to get too close to a tractor-trailer. Being involved in an 18-wheeler accident can have devastating consequences for occupants of passenger cars, which may not be able to withstand the impact of a big rig. Such was the case last month on Route 9 in Old Bridge, when a 50-year-old woman stopped at a red light was rear-ended by a semitrailer. The woman was killed in the wreck.

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