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Fall is a dangerous season for pedestrians

As the seasons change, you will see a lot of information regarding tasks you need to do to transition to winter. Houses need winterization and holiday preparation is quickly approaching. However, many people do not realize that the fall has become the most dangerous season for pedestrians. As we head into cooler months, there are more people walking outside; kids are going to school, commuters are taking advantage of the crisp cool weather and people are getting their exercise outside while they still can before winter sets in. More people out walking and shorter daylight hours have led to an increase in seasonal accidents, accidents that can be prevented.

The Dangers of Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

Pokemon GO players will do almost anything to catch a rare Pokemon, including getting in a car and driving in search of that Pikachu. While there's nothing wrong with playing as a passenger in a car, playing while driving is dangerous. If you want to avoid a crash and possible personal injury lawsuit, you need to put the game down while you are behind the wheel.

Dashboard infotainment systems can be a distraction to drivers

More New Jersey drivers are replacing their hand-held devices with in-vehicle infotainment systems that allow them to do the tasks they would normally do using their smart phones. Unfortunately, these built-in dashboard features can be more distracting than helpful. If you plan to use your infotainment system, here's what you should know.

Could machine determine if you have been texting and driving?

It is widely known that texting while driving is a dangerous behavior that increases the risk of being involved in a motor vehicle accident. Despite this, many individuals can't resist reaching for their phone to read, and sometimes even respond, to a text when they hear the telltale "ding" or buzz reporting a new message. The problem is rampant throughout the nation. In 2014, the U.S. Department of Transportation reported distracted drivers caused crashes that led to the deaths of 3,179 people.

Understanding the purpose and impact of intersection diverters

New Jersey residents may be interested in one type of traffic control method that could potentially lead to an intersection accident if installed incorrectly. Additionally, these installations negatively affect those who they are supposed to benefit.

New Jersey drivers face pervasive dangers of distracted driving

Mounting evidence collected from accident reports shows a link between distracted drivers and accidents. Distractions include eating behind the wheel, texting, checking email, looking at a navigation device and talking on mobile devices.

Dangers of driving while distracted

New Jersey residents may be unaware of a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concerning distracted driving. According to the federal agency, distracted driving can be caused by a number of circumstances, including using a cellphone, texting while driving or eating in the car. Texting while driving may be one of the most dangerous types of distractions.

Teen pleads not guilty to death by auto charges

A high school senior appeared in a New Jersey courtroom on Sept. 17 to face charges stemming from a single-car accident that claimed the lives of two teenagers. The 17-year-old boy's attorney entered not guilty pleas to charges including two counts of death by auto in the second degree. The judge ordered that the boy continue to attend therapy sessions and refrain from operating a motor vehicle. The car accident took place in Randolph Township on July 26 at approximately 1:35 p.m.