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Preventing workplace falls

Workers in New Jersey should beware of falls in the workplace and should pay attention to safety information regarding their prevention. While injuries from falls are more prevalent in some industries than others, anyone can slip in a cluttered hallway and sustain a serious injury from falling.

Preventing muscle and nerve injuries in the workplace

Although workers from New Jersey may have to contend with many possible forms of workplace injury, musculoskeletal disorders can be some of the most long-lasting and difficult to manage. This range of disorders can have a wide ranging impact not the body, especially in the back, neck and extremities. MSDs are most often caused by lifting heavy objects, uncomfortable posture while working long periods of time or reaching beyond what is comfortable.

Cutting down on forklift accidents not as hard as it might seem

New Jersey residents are employed in many different kinds of dangerous jobs. Working in a warehouse, though, is definitely one of the more hazardous types of employment. The constant use of heavy machinery, including forklifts, makes workplace injuries relatively common. And because accidents, when they do occur, often involve heavy equipment, the injuries can be relatively severe.