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Woman charged with vehicular homicide for Gloucester County wreck

Being in a car accident can be a pivotal moment in a person's life. For some, it may mean having to spend an extensive amount of time recovering for injuries; others might not survive. And when multiple members of a family are involved, the effects can be devastating. This is the situation one family from Burlington County is now facing. A car accident this past weekend claimed the life of a 74-year-old woman from Tabernacle; her 76-year-old husband was injured in the crash as well.

Criminal charges filed against cop over dog bite incident

Feeling threatened by an aggressive animal is often a terrible emotion to endure. If and when the animal lashes out, permanent scars and other reminders from animal attacks can cause a lifetime of heartache. It's bad enough when a person is merely liable for an incident because of their negligence; it's another matter, though, when a dog bite incident is something encouraged by the animal's handler.

Car collides with school bus; adult, child reportedly injured

The potential for injury is great when a vehicle collides with a school bus. Buses are designed with safety in mind, of course, but their main purpose is transporting lots of kids to school at the same time. When a car accident involves a school bus, the results can be devastating simply because of the number of people, mainly kids, likely to be on board a bus at any given time. This is more likely, certainly, during the early morning and mid-afternoon times, when school buses are out in force.