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Safety avoidance technology saves lives

New Jersey residents who are in the market to purchase vehicles might want to choose models that have collision avoidance systems installed. A report found that these systems greatly reduce the risk of motor vehicle accidents.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted a study of vehicles with collision avoidance systems versus vehicles without these types of safety systems installed. The researcher reviewed data from 5,000 crashes that happened in 2015 that involved the types of accidents that collision avoidance systems are designed to prevent. In vehicles with blind spot and lane departure warnings, she found that there was an 11 percent reduction in side-swipe accidents and head-on collisions. In vehicles that had the technology, the injury accident rate was 21 percent lower.

Consumer Reports shares ways to avoid distracted driving

With the increasing number of traffic deaths in New Jersey and across America, some experts believe that more measures must be taken to prevent distracted driving. Consumer Reports has shown that smartphones provide the most distractions since drivers can use them to text, send emails, search the internet, play music and watch videos. A Consumer Reports survey revealed that 52 percent of drivers admitted to engaging in these activities while behind the wheel.

Apple has incorporated a mode in its latest operating systems that allows drivers to block alerts for incoming calls and texts. iPhones and Android devices both have settings that enable users to set up automatic replies to calls and texts that come in while they are driving. Consumer Reports recommends that to be safe, drivers should simply keep their phones out of sight or pair them with Bluetooth devices.

6 tips to calm down an angry dog

An angry dog might not calm down all by itself. In fact, an angry dog could benefit from some gentle assistance from the people around to prevent an attack.

It's in these moments -- when a dog is barking, snarling and showing its teeth -- that we all wish we could be the dog whisperer. While we probably will not ever become that skilled at controlling a dog, there are some simple things that every person can do to reduce the chances of an attack when faced with an aggressive canine.

What to expect in early stages of traumatic brain injuries

While, fortunately, most falls don't cause traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), any fall has the potential to do so if a head injury results.

Some of the most common causes of TBIs include falls, gunshot wounds and auto accidents. However, data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show that falls cause the majority of TBIs — 35 percent.

Speeding blamed for increase in traffic deaths

New Jersey drivers may have read that the number of traffic deaths have increased over the last few years. While some experts believe that it is due to an increase in the number of vehicles on the road and others blame pedestrians and smartphone use, a study showed that speed could ultimately be the problem.

The National Transportation Safety Board found that, between 2005 and 2014, speeding was considered to be the main factor in 112,580 fatalities. For comparison, researchers found that 112,948 traffic deaths had alcohol as a factor.

Notifying the insurance agency after a car crash

For motorists in New Jersey, going through a car crash can be an extremely traumatic experience. From the immediate injuries and damages to the extensive followup required to secure compensation, car accidents can lead to a lot of stress. That's why it's important for motorists to be prepared and understand what to do in the moments and days following an auto crash.

While the first priority after any car accident is dealing with any emergency medical situations and seeking treatment, the second step is often to contact one's auto insurer. This is a key step in pursuing compensation for personal injuries and property damage suffered in a crash. It is generally necessary to report an accident to one's own insurer, even if one is not at fault for the crash.

OSHA staff levels fall under President Trump

Since Donald Trump became President, there have been fewer OSHA safety inspectors. In many cases, inspectors left on their own and were not replaced. This was done as part of an overall plan to reduce the number of federal government workers throughout all agencies. As of October 2017, there were fewer than 1,000 federal inspectors throughout the United States. These departures have raised concerns about whether the government is doing enough to protect New Jersey workers.

OSHA inspectors fulfill a variety of roles including listening to employee concerns and looking for violations on job sites throughout the country. The construction and manufacturing sectors tend to have the highest levels of oversight since they tend to be the most dangerous for workers. While OSHA has said that it is hiring more workers, it is going up against a hiring freeze, budget cuts and other efforts to limit the size of federal agencies.

The benefits of wearable tech in construction

Wearable safety technology may soon become more of a staple in the construction industry throughout New Jersey and the rest of the U.S. This could be seen as good news as construction has been called the second least digitized industry in America.

The current lack of digital technology may be a major factor in the high rate of workplace injuries and illnesses. Every year, U.S. companies pay out more than $250 billion in insurance claims over workplace injuries and illnesses. As a solution, many are introducing sensor technology.

Lead poisoning dangers: Be careful to avoid lead contamination

Manufacturers of paint, automobiles, gasoline and countless other products used lead as an additive to improve the quality of the items they produced. While lead additives did provide many benefits, however, they created serious lead poisoning problems for the people exposed to them.

In the 1970s, the U.S. federal government and various states started to ban the use of lead in products. In 1978, the federal government issued an all-out ban on lead-based paints, which used to be common in residential homes. The problem is, many older homes still contain lead-based paint in their walls today.

How to stay safe when removing snow

Workers in New Jersey and elsewhere may face safety hazards while removing snow. Those who have to remove snow from rooftops or other elevated areas may be at risk for falling. It is critical to remember that the weight of anyone clearing the snow has to be accounted for in addition to the weight of the snow on the roof. OSHA recommends that workers use rakes or clear snow from the ground using draglines.

If the snow is heavy and wet, it may be best to remove it in smaller increments. The use of a smaller shovel may also help to prevent workers from getting hurt or dying while engaging in snow removal. Workers should also take regular breaks and lift with their legs instead of with their backs. Finally, workers who are removing snow should stay hydrated and refrain from drinking caffeine or alcohol.

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