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Worker hurt after falling off ladder at construction site

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

Construction workers are never that far from danger. They might not give it much thought on a regular basis, but the heights at which workers often do their jobs can make even a minor incident turn into something potentially painful and debilitating. It isn’t clear if that’s the case with a worker who got hurt recently in northern New Jersey, but the immediate reports of his injury could make life difficult for a while.

The man was working at a residential development that is under construction in Morristown. At the time of his construction accident, the worker was on a ladder in a loft area. Something caused him to fall off, landing about 15 feet below. He was taken to a hospital after emergency crews arrived to immobilize him. His injuries were not considered to be life threatening; however, the worker said he was experiencing pain in his back, legs and head.

It doesn’t take much for a construction accident to cause long-term damage to a worker, even if the initial injuries do not appear to be especially serious. Head injuries, whether a concussion or something more serious, can lead to intense cognitive disabilities; back injuries can lead to long-lasting and constant pain, turning everyday tasks into difficult ones; and leg injuries can make performing construction work a near-impossibility.

Workers who suffer on-the-job injuries need to make sure they are able to receive the benefits they are entitled to in order to help them get through any period of unemployment they might have to endure as a result of their injuries.

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