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Severe blast in New Jersey plant injures 2 workers

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2014 | Workplace Injuries

Authorities are investigating the cause of a huge explosion that occurred at Pharmachem Laboratories in Totowa shortly before dark on Aug. 2. Two workers were slightly injured in the violent blast, which almost completely destroyed the facility.

According to the report, the sudden and unexpected explosion occurred as workers at the plant located at 15 Adams Drive were beginning to prepare a new recipe for eggnog flavoring by mixing it in a large vat and the mixture ignited. The blast penetrated three stories and scattered debris around the building and throughout the neighborhood; the force of the blast even damaged glass in nearby windows. The Totowa fire marshal stated that his house, which is located a mile from the plant, shook as a result of the explosion.

Shortly after the incident, workers were evacuated from the building. Officials stated that they were surprised that only two of the company’s employees were injured considering the size and force of the explosion.

At the time of the report, authorities were investigating how the product ignited and the exact cause of the explosion. The company, which makes artificial flavoring ingredients, will probably have to tear down and rebuild about half of its facility.

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