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Interstate accident kills 3

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Commercial Vehicle Accidents

On Aug. 27, a dump truck traveling east on Interstate 280 in New Jersey crashed into several other vehicles, one of which burst into flames, killing all three occupants. According to police, the accident happened around 10:30a.m in East Orange.

The car that was destroyed by fire was a Honda, and a witness said that the driver tried to give a warning by beeping the horn before the vehicle was consumed in an explosion. Witnesses and the dump truck driver tried to put out the flames before firefighters arrived on the scene, but they were not successful. A spokesperson for the New Jersey State Police said that it was unfortunate that they were not able to get the people out of the Honda.

Also injured in the incident were the truck driver, two children and another individual. The injuries to these people were described as minor. The accident ws still under investigation.

The review into the cause of this accident may show why the driver lost control of the dump truck. Perhaps the driver was speeding, distracted by passengers or preoccupied with a cellphone. Following the analysis of this commercial vehicle accident, it may be determined who is liable for the loss of three lives. An attorney may be able to use the results of the authorities’ investigations, witness reports and potential reenactments to build a wrongful death claim. An attorney may also be able to help the families of the deceased understand if there are time limits within which claims can be filed.

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