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New Jersey woman in critical condition after pedestrian accident

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2014 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

A Sept. 13 accident left a 55-year-old pedestrian in critical condition, according to Clark police. The 3 p.m. incident reportedly occurred at the intersection of Raritan Road and Lexington Boulevard.

The 55-year-old woman was crossing a street at the intersection when an eastbound vehicle struck her, police stated. Consequently, she suffered critical injuries. Emergency personnel transported her to Rahway’s Robert Wood Johnson Hospital, but she was later transferred to Robert Wood Johnson Trauma Center in New Brunswick due to the severity of her condition.

According to police, the accident remains under investigation. Details pertaining to the incident were unclear immediately following the accident. Nor was it immediately clear whether police planned to file any criminal charges in connection with the pedestrian accident.

Even in the event that criminal charges are pursued in this case, it is still a possibility that the woman who suffered critical injuries as a result of the accident might wish to file a personal injury claim against the driver if there is evidence that reckless or negligent driving contributed to the incident. In this way, the injured pedestrian might receive compensation for hospital bills, medical expenses and lost earnings related to the accident.

Pedestrian accidents resulting in critical injuries often leave victims suffering from chronic pain, diminished cognition, impaired mobility and other disabilities that prevent them from earning a livelihood. That is, in part, why many injured victims pursue civil action in the aftermath of a pedestrian accident. Because of the potentially high stakes involved in a personal injury claim, this type of lawsuit can prove to be both complicated and adversarial, and many victims retain the counsel of a personal injury lawyer.

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