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Garbage truck worker hit, killed by garbage truck

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2015 | Workplace Injuries

According to New Jersey police, a garbage truck worker in Franklin Lakes was killed on Jan. 7 when he was struck by the garbage truck while on a route with a coworker. The accident occurred around 4:30 p.m. on Black Hawk Lane in a residential neighborhood.

Officers indicated the driver of the truck, a 53-year-old man employed by Gaeta Recycling Company, was apparently backing the garbage truck when he struck and killed his coworker who was outside of the truck at the time. Officers said the garbage truck driver immediately called for help following the accident. The victim of the accident was found by emergency responders underneath the truck.

There were also two other garbage workers in the neighborhood at the time, but neither of them reportedly saw the accident. Law enforcement is requesting that any witnesses that may have seen what occurred to contact them. The garbage truck driver was ticketed for careless driving. Responding officers believe the incident was an accident.

In the event a person is killed in a work-related accident, New Jersey law allows a family to recover benefits through their employer’s mandated workers’ compensation insurance. By filing a claim, families may receive funeral and burial expenses as well as monthly income replacement payments to help compensate them for their financial losses. In some situations, a family may want to consult with a lawyer for advice when filing a claim. For instance, a lawyer could help a family determine if a workers’ compensation claim is applicable or whether a lawsuit is more appropriate.

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