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March 2015 Archives

New Jersey man dies in 4-vehicle accident

According to authorities with the New Jersey State Police, a 77-year-old man was killed when a tire detached from another vehicle, striking his vehicle and causing a four-vehicle accident. Reportedly, the accident happened on I-80 near Denville around 7:00 p.m.

Report claims injuries prevalent among fast food workers

A report released on March 16 by Fight for 15, a labor campaign developed by Service Employees International Union, may be of concern for fast food workers and labor unions in New Jersey. According to the report, McDonald's has an issue with workplace burns, the treatments of burns with condiments and insufficient first aid kits and safety equipment. The document alleges that McDonald's workers in 19 cities have made complaints of burns and workplace injuries resulting from under staffing and pressure from supervisors to work faster. The organization admits to bias against McDonald's as it has been trying to push for unions and an increase in wages for employees at McDonald's.

New study on teenagers and distracted driving

New Jersey residents might be interested to learn about a new study looking into teenage driving distractions. Researchers at Oregon State University say that about 40 percent of teenagers who were surveyed admitted that they send or receive text messages while they drive. The findings are apparently positive, as some earlier studies had showed higher percentages.

Daylight savings time affects workplace safety

The loss of 40 minutes to an hour of sleep on the night of daylight saving time can have an impact on employees' ability to stay safe at work. In 2015, daylight saving time fell on March 8 at 2 a.m. Although there are no numbers available on daylight saving time related workplace injuries for 2015, data from previous years shows that there is a noticeable increase in workplace accidents in New Jersey and across the United States during the days following daylight saving time.

Statistics for animal bites to the hand in New Jersey

Statistics show that domestic animal bites, mostly by dogs, make up better than 90 percent of bites. Dogs bite about 4,500,000 individuals every year in the United States. More than 50 percent of Americans will be bitten by an animal during their lifetime. Animal bites involve saliva, which contains a wide range of bacteria. The jaws of an adult dog, particularly in larger breeds, have the capability to exert a bite force of more than 300 pounds. Annually, dog and cat bites result in more than $850 million in health care costs.

Causes of and preventions for road rage

Some New Jersey drivers may wonder what causes road rage. Aggressive driving is a factor in over half of all fatal crashes, and aggressive behaviors include tailgating, traveling more than 15 mph above the speed limit and passing another driver illegally. This aggressive behavior can trigger road rage in which a driver actively attempts to harm another.

Explosion from gas leak destroys homes, injures several workers

Burlington employees may be interested in the story of a serious workplace accident that injured several New Jersey gas company and emergency workers. The accident destroyed two neighborhood homes and damaged others.

Territoriality and anonymity contribute to road rage

Anyone stuck in heavy New Jersey traffic might know how easy it is to become angered by other drivers. Road rage is the name for this hostile behavior behind the wheel. Examples include using obscene gestures, cutting off drivers and honking the vehicle's horn.

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