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Reducing dog bites still may not keep New Jersey residents safe

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2015 | Animal Bites & Attacks

It has long been believed that learning to read a dog’s body language could reduce the frequency of dog bites. However, new research from the University of Liverpool indicated that this might not be the case. In some dog bite incidents, the victim had no prior interaction with the animal, which made it impossible to read the dog’s behavior ahead of time.

Those who believed that they were knowledgeable about the animal did heed the warning signs, which lead to a bite. Researchers said that many view animal attacks in much the same way that they view a car accident or any other accident. For some, the accident was the fault of the dog’s owner or something that happens and cannot be avoided. Although those involved with collecting the data were somewhat surprised by the answers, they said that there is no way to entirely eliminate dog bites.

Instead, the goal is to find new ways to reduce the likelihood that they occur. Instead of blaming the victim or the dog’s owner, more attention may need to be paid to the dog and its actions. It could be possible for dog breeders to create breeds that are less likely to bite or to make it less likely that they will cause damage if they do bite.

A dog attack could result in serious injuries that may take months or years to heal. Injured victims may be able to take legal action to win compensation for medical bills or lost wages. Those who are unable to return to their job may be entitled to compensation for lost earnings. An attorney might be able to help an individual gather evidence and might be able to make sure that the case is filed within applicable statutes of limitation.