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March 2016 Archives

Increased risk of injury for workers with sleep apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition that many New Jersey workers have. It causes the airways to become blocked during the night, waking the sufferer multiple times. A Canadian study of more than 1,200 sleep clinic patients suggests that sleep apnea could result in a higher risk of a workplace injury during the day. Those with the condition were found twice as likely as the control group to be injured at work and three times more likely to suffer an injury related to a lack of vigilance or inattentiveness.

Injuries to children involving defective furniture

It fair to say most parents and caregivers are kept busy trying to keep up with their active children. When the children are very young, this activity, along with a child's inability to understand choices and consequences, can result in them placing themselves in dangerous situations, seemingly in a split second. These dangerous situations can lead to serious injuries, and in the worst cases even death.

How much workers' comp would you get if injured at work?

Workplace accidents occur all too often in the state of New Jersey. There are multiple settings in which they could occur. Sometimes they are the result of engaging in the same activity repeatedly. Other times, they are the result of one specific incident. Regardless of how the workplace injury occurs, it is possible that workers' compensation benefits may be sought.

Determining whether or not injuries are related to work

Workers in New Jersey who are hurt while on the job may seek benefits under the state's workers' compensation program, but determining what are and what are not work-related injuries can sometimes be a contentious process. Research conducted by the Workers' Compensation Research Institute reveals that these decisions may sometimes be taken based upon financial rather than medical considerations, and the safety advocacy group says that the costs of treatment are more likely to be transferred from traditional health insurance coverage to workers' compensation when fee schedules are high.

Crane operators not cohesively trained or regulated

Heavy equipment such as cranes are commonly found on construction sites in New Jersey, and the safety of the workers and people passing near the site must be protected by regular maintenance and upkeep. However, there appears to be a major loophole in the laws surrounding construction site safety. Although construction cranes are thoroughly regulated, the people who operate them are not.

Preventing accidents in the workplace

New Jersey employers can use safety equipment and training to make their workplaces safer. The necessary equipment to lift heavy loads along with protection for the eyes and hearing is important. Putting safety protocols in place and ensuring that they are understood and followed is also crucial.

Generator falls from crane in New Jersey and kills 2 workers

A snapped strap on a crane transformed a construction site in Morris County into a fatal accident scene. A television news station filmed images of rescue workers swarming the work site where workers were building a new headquarters for the Whippany Fire Company.

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