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April 2016 Archives

Construction industry shows increase in work-related deaths

Many New Jersey residents work in hazardous occupations, and unfortunately fatal injuries sometimes occur. National workplace fatality figures for 2014 has been revised, and in many cases the totals have increased.

What You Should Know About SSD

While no one wants to think about it, life can change in an instant. A healthy person living his or her life might be fine one day only to find they are disabled the next. A change of this magnitude can be difficult not only emotionally but financially as well, and leave those who are disabled wondering how they will pay for even the most basic living expenses. In some situations Social Security Disability benefits could be available.

Hands-free cellphone use isn't safer for drivers

New Jersey motorists might think of distracted driving as it pertains to cellphone use as primarily meaning texting and driving. While the dangers of that behavior, which is against the law in most states, are well known, many people believe that talking on a cellphone while at the wheel is safe, especially when using a hands-free device. The National Safety Council says that this is not true, and that even a hands-free phone conversation is a dangerous distraction to a driver.

Traumatic brain injuries among construction workers

New Jersey residents may be aware that construction is one of the nation's most dangerous occupations. Accidents at construction sites kill or injure thousands of workers every year, and figures released by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health reveal that approximately 2,200 construction workers died between 2003 and 2010 after incurring a traumatic brain injury while on the job.

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