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August 2017 Archives

New Jersey office workers at risk for computer vision syndrome

Many people don't imagine calm offices when they think of workplace injuries. As more and more Americans spend their working days in front of a computer, however, digital eyestrain is becoming a bigger issue across the nation.

What to expect when approved for workers' compensation benefits

You went to work at a New Jersey construction site just like any other day, but you certainly didn't go home the same way. You fell about three stories to the ground from a scaffold, and you were lucky to survive. You broke your leg, got a head injury and now you're recovering at home. The doctor says you won't be able to work for at least two months.

Self-driving cars face a number of obstacles

New Jersey residents may be aware that several companies have vowed to bring a fully autonomous vehicle to the market within five years, but some experts believe that this timetable is highly optimistic. While self-driving cars promise to one day drastically reduce motor vehicle accident deaths and ease congestion, there are a number of financial, legal and psychological hurdles that must be cleared first.

3 common slip-and-fall accident scenarios

If you're walking to work, shopping or visiting a neighbor's house, you could fall prey to a tragic slip-and-fall event. If the owner of the property failed to make the property reasonably safe for visitors, you might have a viable claim to pursue financial damages in court.

Hazardous repair method for water pipes

New Jersey plumbing construction workers who routinely repair water pipes should know that a popular repair method may present a risk to their health. According to researchers from Purdue University, the cured-in-place pipe repair procedure should be reassessed for the dangers it can present.

Autonomous cars could be on the horizon

Driverless cars are big news in New Jersey and across the United States. Some of the biggest companies in the country are investing in research and develop of autonomous cars and similar technologies. While tech companies like Apple, Google, Intel, Tesla and Uber are investing in research, some corporations are also spending billions to buy startups working on driverless vehicles.

New device shocks drivers to keep them awake

Drowsy driving is a serious problem in New Jersey and results in many deaths and injuries every year. A technology company has developed a wearable device that the company claims can help drivers to stay awake when they are tired. The device reportedly can detect when a driver is starting to doze off and shock the driver to keep him or her awake. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report that drowsy driving causes thousands of fatal accidents each year around the U.S. The founder of Creative Mode began researching the dangers of drowsy driving after his friend fell asleep at the wheel and crashed into a tree, breaking his collarbone.

Motorcycle accident avoidance: Prevent left-turn crashes

The most common motorcycle accident happens like this: You're riding down the road on your bike and you have the right of way. However, a vehicle heading in the opposite direction doesn't see you. It makes a left turn across traffic and drives directly into your path.

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