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Escalators are more dangerous than you might think

On Behalf of | Oct 15, 2018 | Premises Liability

If you go to the mall, pass through airports or visit a major office building on a regular basis, chances are that using an escalator is a common occurrence. When something feels like a common occurrence, however, it’s easy to forget how dangerous it is. Don’t let this happen to you or your family when it comes to using escalators.

Escalators are just as dangerous as they are convenient and useful. Countless individuals get seriously hurt, maimed or killed by these devices throughout the United States every year.

To keep you on your toes and as alert as possible when using these devices, keep these dangers and safety tips in mind:

  • Children should hold the hand of an adult while riding on an escalator.
  • Adults should hold onto the handrail of the escalator with at least one hand at all times.
  • If your infant is light enough, carry him or her in your arms while riding the escalator.
  • Do a clothing and shoelace check before getting on an escalator to ensure that nothing gets pulled into the device with you along with it.
  • Stand at the middle of the escalator step to reduce the chance that your shoe and foot get trapped inside.
  • Do not sit down on an escalator step and do not let children sit or play on an escalator step.
  • If you’re with multiple children, or if you’re using a stroller for your baby, always take the elevator.
  • Take care on open escalators to prevent falling from a great height.
  • If you’re dizzy, intoxicated or physically weak due to a medical condition, avoid escalators as this could increase your chances of falling and getting hurt.
  • The sides of the escalator are particularly dangerous so riders should always keep their shoelaces and clothing far away from them to avoid getting sucked inside.
  • Take care not to fall because escalator stairs are hard metal and can result in serious bodily injuries when falling down them.

If you’ve been harmed in a serious escalator accident, you might want to investigate your legal rights and options. In some cases, the companies that own and/or maintain an escalator could be liable when a faulty device causes someone to get hurt.