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Winter weather poses different challenges on the job site

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2018 | Workers' Compensation

Safety on the job site is in everyone’s best interests. Each worker should take whatever steps are necessary to be shielded from harm and act in a manner that respects the rights of co-workers, but the New Jersey employers who exert greater control over the work environment. Being proactive, staying on top of ever-changing situations and anticipating what is likely to occur are the best ways to avoid accidents and keep worker’s compensation insurance rates down.

Winter weather creates a host of challenges for a construction site that are simply non-existent in warmer months. Safety experts suggest getting a start on protecting the workers by addressing several issues before the freeze and snow set in. For instance, employers should inspect and repair roads for potholes and cracks, especially on grades where heavy equipment is operated. Also, they should have sand, gravel, salt and whatever other materials that will be required on hand and ready to go.

As temperatures plummet, risk rises. It is important to ensure the fluids contained in any equipment that is to be operated are rated for the lowest temperature the area receives. Icy surfaces pose hazards for walking as well as driving, and typically some treatment to the road surface is required after removal. Of course, workers who remain outside for significant periods of time must be properly equipped.

A workplace injury accident can occur for a variety of reasons. Workers’ compensation claims are intended to address medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation where necessary. A worker’s compensation lawyer may be helpful if a claim is denied or there is an unreasonable delay if receipt of benefits.