There are a number of different reasons car accidents can occur in New Jersey. The police and the insurance claims adjusters have to identify the cause or causes of the crashes for various reasons. Law enforcement needs the information to determine who has to be given a ticket. The insurance company requires the information to identify the at-fault party, to whom the claims payment should be issued and the amount of the payment.

For single car insurance claims, the driver of a vehicle is considered to be responsible, even if the accident occurred as a result of the condition of the weather. Slick roads, heavy fog, strong winds and excessive rain can all be very troublesome for drivers.

Animals are another reason car accidents can occur. Animals are not aware of traffic laws and cannot understand the danger of crossing a road. Also, their unpredictability can be very hazardous to drivers. It is not uncommon for large animals, such as a deer who is attempting to go to the other side of the road, to strike the sides of moving vehicles. Deer being struck head-on is also a frequent occurrence.

If a vehicle does not receive the regular maintenance it requires, this can result in car accidents as well. Broken tie rods, bad brakes and balding tires can be safety hazards on the road and should be addressed as soon as possible. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for making sure that the vehicle undergoes routine maintenance.

A personal injury attorney may assist clients who have been injured in car accidents with obtaining financial compensation from the negligent parties. Drivers whose negligent behavior behind the wheel contributed to an accident may be sued for accidents that resulted in permanent disabilities, broken bones, head injuries, crush injuries, pain and suffering or death.