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How AI could improve construction site safety

On Behalf of | Apr 25, 2019 | Workplace Injuries

Many New Jersey residents are aware of the fact that working in construction is dangerous. In fact, about 14 workers die on construction jobs every day. Struck-by deaths are on the rise. This underscores the importance of finding ways to make work sites safer.

Some are looking to artificial intelligence solutions and machine learning to reduce workplace hazards and provide managers with more control over construction sites. This leads to increased visibility. About 40 percent of construction deaths are the result of surprise injuries, like falls. While there may not be any way to completely eliminate this risk, when AI software is used, cameras provide real-time footage that allows construction managers to anticipate dangers and reduce workplace accidents.

AI and robotics also have the benefit of simplifying tasks before work on construction sites begins. The more work that can be done off-site, the better. When elements can be built in controlled factories and then transported to construction sites, hazards on job sites are reduced and workplace safety is increased.

There is also the benefit of increased accountability and transparency when AI supported equipment is used on construction sites. This improves communication and reduces misunderstandings. The software can track and analyze data in real time at all hours of the day. This keeps stakeholders in the know and reduces setbacks.

An individual who is injured while on the job may want to discuss their situation with an attorney who has experience with workplace safety and workers’ compensation. They may be able to give advice on how to file paperwork and how to deal with workplace accidents, including electrical shock, slip and fall injuries, falling debris, and employer negligence. They might also provide counsel on the pros and cons of filing a civil lawsuit or filing a workman’s compensation claim and accepting a settlement.