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Tips for a safe, injury-free Halloween

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Auto-Pedestrian Accidents

During these difficult times, many parents are debating whether to take their children trick-or-treating. For those that decide to venture out, there are many safety measures to keep top of mind. According to 2019 research published by the Journal of the American Medical Association, pedestrian fatalities rise by an average of 43% on Halloween night. In addition, the National Safety Council notes that pedestrian accidents disproportionately affect children ages 10 to 14.

Review these tips to keep kids safe as they collect candy in their costumes this year.

Light up the night

Kids who are old enough to go out after dark should carry flashlights or glow sticks. Attach reflective tape to their costumes for maximum visibility.

Review traffic laws

Remind older children about the importance of pedestrian safety rules. For example, they should know to cross only at intersections and crosswalks. Jaywalking poses a danger since the driver does not expect to cross paths with a walker. Parents should set a good example by staying on sidewalks and looking both ways before crossing.

Select a safe route

Plan a trick-or-treat route with limited car traffic. Prohibit teens from traveling on busy streets. Even in quieter neighborhoods, walkers should always remain alert for car traffic.

Limit distractions

Kids and parents alike should avoid looking down at devices while walking. These distractions can easily lead to an accident.

Above all, parents should supervise kids on Halloween and instruct teens to travel in groups. If a catastrophic auto accident injury occurs, the family of the injured child can receive legal damages only when the driver acted negligently to cause the collision.