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How quickly can near-drowning happen?

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2022 | Premises Liability

While you may feel prepared for the sun and warm weather, one issue many pool owners have during this time is being unprepared for the realities of drowning.

Near-drowning can happen in a very short amount of time, especially with young children or in a large body of water. Knowing the signs and the dangers of this issue can help you understand how personal injuries can happen.

Lack of recognition

According to Consumer Reports, people around a drowning person may not recognize serious signs of fear or panic at first. Since their face is underwater, there is not typically a way to loudly call out for help.

This means that the drowning person may appear to not need assistance, or could even seem like they are just playing around.

Medical problems

One major influence that may shock a swimmer is a sudden medical issue that can make it hard to stay afloat. Near-drowning can also happen when an outside influence, like a broken electrical wire or vent, harms someone in the water.

Although this person may be a strong swimmer, they could face difficulties getting enough air or coming to the surface due to these injuries. Negligence when maintaining a body of water or a pool can place guests in danger when they visit.

Strange positions

A person who is in the process of drowning will often be vertical. Since they cannot rise to the surface or propel themselves forward, other people may miss the struggle they are going through to breathe.

Whenever people are swimming, there should always be someone close by watching for anyone possibly drowning. Taking the time to review safety protocols is important when preventing near-drowning.