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How to help your child get over a dog bite

On Behalf of | Jan 25, 2023 | Animal Bites & Attacks

Dogs make wonderful pets. That said, not all canines are docile. Any breed may attack when there is the perception of a threat.

Receiving a bite wound is distressing for anyone, especially youth. The pain is emotional as well as physical. Adults can do much to help little ones recover from such trauma.

When to talk to your child about a dog bite

It is best to discuss the event in question sooner rather than later. Trepidation around mentioning the topic may cause fear to intensify.

For the first couple of days, mention the incident several times each day. Then, bring it up once per day for the next three weeks. Broaching the subject acts as a psychological relief valve.

What to say to your child about a dog bite

Express regret over the event. Should tears start flowing, verbally acknowledge any lingering fear and upset. Stress that these emotions are normal.

Suggest drawing a picture of the attack or writing about it. Various art therapy techniques sometimes help children process emotional pain.

When to seek professional help for your child over a dog bite

Children who begin struggling in school may need to see a therapist. Other warning signs include a lack of enjoying favorite activities and a fear of dogs.

If you decide professional help is necessary, seek a psychologist who understands children. Make sure this person has at least five years in the field for superior results.

Parents can do plenty to help their children bounce back after a canine attack. Research the topic and allow what you learn to inform your decisions.