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How can you raise responsible teen drivers?

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2023 | Car Accidents

Let’s face it: Your teenager probably has a lot of excitement to drive. The idea of taking friends around, operating a vehicle and going places independently all scream freedom and fun.

The truth is that your teenager most likely lacks experience and is still developing safe driving habits. Disregarding these truths as a parent could give your teen too much control and significantly increase the risks of a tragic accident. Raising responsible drivers requires consistency, intervention and discipline.

Lead by example

Your example will provide major reinforcement when it comes time to teach your teenager to drive. You can talk about the dangers of distractions, texting and driving and even having too many noisy passengers in the vehicle. However, if your teen has witnessed you participating in the behaviors you preach against, your lessons might go in one ear and right back out the other. Demonstrate the type of behavior you want your teen to model behind the wheel.

Implement a contract

Discuss with your teen how driving a vehicle is a privilege. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, setting ground rules for driving the car could give your teen more incentive to follow the rules. These rules could include limiting the number of passengers, rules about cell phone use and curfews to reduce driving after dark.

Discipline when necessary

In relation to the contract, you create for your teen, prepare to discipline if your teen breaks the rules. Use consistent and fair consequences to drive your point home and reaffirm your seriousness. Discipline might encourage your teen to use mindfulness going forward to prevent further repercussions.

With your guidance and encouragement, you can raise responsible and safe teen drivers. In addition, your example will continue to reinforce your teachings.